How to Recover From Your Workout Soreness Faster

Feeling sore after a workout can be a good and bad thing. On a positive note, it means that you’re body is beginning to change. Sore muscles indicate that they are growing stronger – but, it also implies that you are more likely to miss your next workout since soreness can feel extremely uncomfortable. If you are experiencing a delayed onset of muscle soreness 48 hours after a workout you may want to take the following measures.

Sore muscles occur because as you workout you are transforming muscle fibers which can cause inflammation. There are a few ways to eliminate this feeling and get back into gear to continue improving your cardio and muscle strength.

Eat plenty of protein

By consuming protein immediately after working out your body is going to release insulin. The insulin invites protein into muscle cells which helps them recover quickly. Remember that in order for your muscles to heal they need carbohydrates and rest. By getting enough sleep and eating more protein you will speed up the recovery process.

Prevent soreness beforehand

Always make sure that you are stretching and warming up before your workout. There are some people who deem this is unnecessary but it’s extremely important that you prepare your muscles and eliminate stiffness. Make sure that you are stretching all areas of your body. This will increase flexibility and tissues can recover quickly after your workout.

Drink water with lemon

By staying hydrated your body will eliminate toxins. The Vitamin C in lemon aids the body in muscle repair as well. Any drink that is high in antioxidants will speed up your muscle recovery. Drinking more water will also prevent fatigue, providing you with more energy to avoid skipping a workout the next day.

Eat Healthy Fats

There’s a big difference between bad and good fats. Good fats contain fish oil and nutrients that contribute to your muscle tissue. By eating foods that are high in omega-3 it will prevent free radicals and keep inflammation from affecting your workout regime.

Take advantage of hot temperatures

Hot steam or water will help relieve you of soreness. Hot applications increase blood flow and provide your muscles with more oxygen. It will also relieve you of pain for short periods of time. Apply it immediately after your workout and before exercising the next day.

Get enough sleep

Far too many athletes underestimate the power of rest. After a rigorous workout it’s essential that you get enough sleep because this is when your muscles are repairing themselves. Right after exercising you will want to give them time to rest immediately to support self-healing.

By learning how to take care of your body you can prevent the delayed onset of muscle soreness. It will actually help you get your body into shape much faster and ensure that you don’t suffer from muscle injuries. Remember to balance your hard work with rest and replenishment so that your muscles can grow big and strong.

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