Women: Weight Training Myths vs. Reality!

Our society has always loved its women! Women can have the most symmetrical and beautiful bodies, which are firm and lean at the same time. So, why do you think most modern women have to starve themselves and spend endless number of hours on treadmills to lose weight? It is nothing but lack of knowledge! A large majority of women undermine the significance of weight training, simply neglecting its use in fat loss and in helping shape their bodies for better. It is an undeniable scientific fact that the more strong and active muscles you possess, the more amount of fat your body will be able to burn. Always keep in mind that it is muscles that burn fat!

Skepticism about and the importance of weight training

Women can be often heard saying that they are skeptical about weight training as they think that it’ll make them bulky and big. Women who train with weights regularly can never increase muscle size as much as it happens in case of men. All that increases is their muscle strength and density. So, the fear of bulking up is nothing but a myth. As women age, they start losing muscle mass.  In fact, the majority of muscle growth ceases to continue post puberty. After puberty, women tend to lose muscle mass gradually. Getting pregnant accelerates this muscle loss process as the fetus utilizes the larger portion of protein intake of the mother. In addition, postmenopausal, menopausal and premenopausal women have depleted hormone levels resulting in accelerated muscle loss. Taking care of one’s nutrition needs along with ample amount of weight training can help women rebuild their lost muscles.

But why work the muscles?!

But, why so much importance is being given to muscles after all! Simply put, muscles are the driving force behind every human’s metabolism. It is an undeniable truth that the more muscle mass you have, the more amount of calories and fat your body will burn.

Achieving a good metabolic rate doesn’t happen by chance. Although genetics do play a part in determining one’s metabolic rate, it is one’s life choices that affect the metabolism to a great extent. Many people continue to enjoy a good metabolic rate with the help of active lifestyle, nutritious diet and regular weight training.

The body weight myth

Humans are normally programmed to think that they need to weigh a certain number on the scale in order to enjoy a fulfilled life. We often say to ourselves that if only we weighed a particular number in our school or college could we have enjoyed a happy life. It is important that we get rid of such scale mentality. No one cares what you weigh! You’ll see that some of the most athletic bodies can be considered overweight if they are placed on the standard BMI or height/weight chart. Why do you thing that happens? It is because muscles have more density than other body components and they weigh far more than fats.

Furthermore, muscles carry 60% more water in comparison to fat tissues, resulting in muscular people weighing more than their skinny yet fat counterparts. As muscles weigh more than fat, thinking of achieving a certain body weight in order to be fit is a skewed perception. Your main concern should be the muscle mass percentage and the fat percentage of your body. The ratio between muscle and fat is what is most important. Also, whether you have a tight and firm body is important. In order to enjoy a leaner and fitter look, there is no other way than having a high muscle percentage and a low fat percentage on one’s body. Once that happens, all the underlying sexy muscles that remain constantly hidden under the fat deposits, will start coming to the fore!

Our 3 most important muscle groups!

So how can you get all those good-looking muscles that we’re talking about?! The answer lies in 2 simple words, that is, “Weight Training”! Women’s bodies, and human bodies in general are comprised of 3 large main muscle groups, which are, the chest, back and leg muscles. Our metabolism gets significantly affected by the state of affairs of these 3 muscle groups.

Hips and leg muscles

Let’s now talk specifically about the areas that women feel concerned about the most; that is their hips and legs! Leg muscles in general are the strongest and biggest muscles of human body. Women often don’t realize how powerful and strong their legs can actually be, without the need of turning bulky. I’m particularly aware of women being skeptical about lifting weights with their legs as they carry majority of their body fat in their legs and are fearful of adding more bulkiness to them by indulging in strength training.

Please keep in mind that as women we can never have the testosterone levels required to build hefty muscles in our legs, as it happens in case of men. So, there’s no way that your legs are going to turn abnormally big by working them out like men. Although initially you’ll experience a certain amount of muscle growth, followed by shedding of fat deposited on top of those muscles, the initial size increase will not last for very long. In a matter of few weeks, you’ll start noticing that your legs have started assuming a new shape. They’ll appear more lean and firm than before. Such change is caused as a direct result of muscles coming into motion and burning of fat deposits in legs.

Back muscles

And then, talking about the most favorite part of all women – the back, many women are completely oblivious of the huge fat burning potential in their back muscles! Our backs have plenty of muscles. Many of them hold our shoulders, ribs and spine in place. All these muscles play a very critical role in maintenance of our overall health. So, whenever you complain of that neck and/or back pain, it is actually your weak back muscles that are the root cause. Indulging in weightlifting with one’s back, needs great focus and proper form, to ensure that every back muscle gets proper work out.

Chest muscles

Now, coming to the chest muscles – pectorals, these are the muscles all women must embrace and workout. Breastfeeding and pregnancy can wreak havoc with women’s breasts. How a woman’s breast appears on a day-to-day basis is much beyond the mammary tissues that lie underneath the pectoral muscles. Pregnancy results in loss of significant amount of muscle mass, automatically resulting in the need of natural rebuilding of muscles that once used to lift and hold our breasts in place. The easiest way to give a natural breast lift to yourself is by boosting your metabolic rate and building your chest’s muscles.

Final Word

You must find some method to challenge your body’s muscles. This is all the more important if you’re a woman! Lifting the same amount of weight day in and day out will only maintain your muscles but will never make them grow. I know of so many people who spend endless hours in gymnasiums every week and yet look exactly the same years after years. What’s the point of working out if you don’t change your physical looks for the better?! So, challenge yourself with more amount of weights every day, and you’ll soon discover a new you! Never shy from new exercises, new routines, additional repetitions, additional sets and new diet routines.

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